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The story of SUPERSOCKS® actually started in 2014. The team of Immortal Gear was looking for a pair of socks that would help them for their long travels and intensive sports, but most brands could not keep up with their needs. So they came up with the idea to design their own based on what they couldn't find in stores. SUPERSOCKS® can be worn every day, for business and while venturing into the great outdoors. 


The issue: socks that can't keep up with strenuous and busy lifestyles. The perfect sock would be able to:

  • wick away sweat, staying dry during many hours of activities

  • suppress odor-causing bacteria, so they can be worn longer on travels 

  • feel soft on the inside

  • do not feel hot in warm and humid climates and if used during long activities

  • have abrasive protection in the toe and heel section to last longer.

We, the team at Immortal Gear LLC, who created SUPERSOCKS® are very familiar with the features and performance of functional and natural fibers. After many tests and trials  to meet the performance criteria for the SUPERSOCKS®, we selected the following high quality materials:

  • Merino wool, a natural fiber known for its unsurpassed wicking performance, softness and overall wearing comfort,

  • SeaCell™, a cellulose fiber made from the eucalyptus tree and seaweed harvested in Iceland which blends with wool perfectly and improves softness and wears cooler than a 100% Merino wool blend,

  • smartcel™ Sensitive, a cellulose fiber made from eucalyptus tree containing a high amount of pharmaceutical grade Zinc Oxide to suppress odor-causing bacteria. Zinc Oxide is part of almost every mineral creme you use in your daily life. You can find it in baby creme, sun lotion and many other cosmetics and it is known for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. It also suppresses odor-causing bacteria.

This special Merino wool, SeaCell™, smartcel™ Sensitive yarn blend is made exclusively for SUPERSOCKS®. 

SeaCell™ and smartcel™ Sensitive are engineered in Germany and manufactured by Lenzing in Austria.  This specialty yarn blend is then knitted by one of the highest quality sock manufacturers worldwide into SUPERSOCKS®, with the Nylon protection plated to the outside of the heel and toe section.

It is a long and hard-fought cycle of science, detailed technical work, and construction.  SUPERSOCKS® will ease perspiration on your feet whether you are on the board room wearing a pair of dress shoes, or in a plane cabin at 35,000 feet — or even in a pair of boots that you wear riding your motorcycle to Alaska. They will stay fresh during many days of use, and additionally, the special Zinc Oxide smartcel™ Sensitive fiber will keep your feet soft and healthy. 

And if you are fortunate to obtain a pair of SUPERSOCKS® -- you know you have the rarest and best super socks in the world.

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