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SUPERSOCKS® are products of Immortal Gear, LLC based in Florida.

Immortal Gear, LLC was founded by an engineer and a lawyer in 2014.


Our mission: To design, engineer and provide advanced textiles, which equally perform in daily life, for business, sports and venturing into the outdoors.


To meet this quite broad spectrum of requirements, we engineer special yarn blends made from the best natural fibers like Merino wool, Pima cotton and various functional fibers like SeaCell™ and smartcel­™ Sensitive, to name a few. 


In cooperation with experienced garment designers worldwide, Immortal Gear matches the special yarn blends with designs which can be worn for leisure, fitness, work, the outdoors or any occasions.

Immortal Gear's special designs and yarn blends are then converted by the highest quality textile manufactures to the final garment.


Immortal Gear's textiles are distributed worldwide. 

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